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Email Marketing Tactics Which Will Blown Your Mind

Recently i received an interesting email from klient boost, who is a growing digital agency.
What attracted me the most is the content itself.
They sent me the first email few days back. Unfortunately I didn't checked that mail.
They tried to follow me up by keep on sending me mails.
Due to some busy works, i didn't followed  my mail opening routine.
Few days before I received another mail.
This time this new email catched my eyes.
I was really surprised to read what they had written inside it.
You can have a look at that email below:

How smartly they created a follow up mail to reach their clients.
They had also included a gif image.

I was really impressed by this mail pitch...
What i was too impressed is their email marketing strategy.

What's the need for creating these kind of emails?
Whats the importance or need of email marketing?
Let's have a look:

. Marketing Cost
The cost which a company spend on marketing is relatively high compared to other expenses.
We all …
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How To Increase The Traffic To Your Website (Proven Methods)

Traffic is essential to your website to make the visitors attract and convert to leads.
Here, i am listing down some proven methods to increase traffic to the website.

Content is regarded as the best method to increase traffic to your website.
How successfully you make use of the articles depends how you can increase traffic to your website.
How to do it?
Update articles in your website by adding a blog section.
You can update the articles based on your services.
For example if you are running a website focusing on home decor services, you can write articles
based on "how to improve your home during festival seasons, how to decorate your home for your

child's birthday, tips for home decorations etc."
You must also update the articles regularly.
It is recommended to write an article providing something valuable to users.
Researchers have proved that long content tends to rank much better than short contents.

On Page Or Off Page SEO, Which Works Better? [Case Study]

SEO mainly consists of both onpage as well as off page activities.

There is a general belief that onpage seo is implemented during the first month of a seo project and after that we used to concentrate on off page by leaving behind onpage.

This is not right.

Both onpage as well as off page activities have equal importance in seo.

I handled some websites which achieved rankings in first page of google by simply doing some onpage activities alone and not trying offpage seo.

This doesn't mean that onpage is important than offpage.

It depends upon the competition, business location, country, keywords, which favors in seo as a whole.

Case Study:
Last year i was approached by a person to rank his newly started client website.
It was one of my friend who had referred me to him.
I took it as a challenge and agreed to do the seo.
Believe it or not. I only done onpage activities for the client in the first month.
All service keywords spotted the first page positions in google by the end of…

Still Running Like Usain Bolt? You Will Lose (Case Study)

Never ever run like usain bolt. You will lose. Here I am not comparing anything with usain bolt and questioning his talents.

What I am trying to convey is in the context of SEO.

I have came across a lot of people who do the activities more thinking that they could rank better by doing more.

This is absolutely wrong in terms of SEO.

We should only concentrate on quality rather than quantity.

One or two back links of high value has great importance than getting more number of back links from spammy and low quality domains.

We can't simply make fool of Google by using softwares to build links on a huge amount at once.

It will effect us negatively in rankings.

It's better to create a plan for link building activities.

Be it weekly or monthly, you have to do it in a uniform manner.

Whatever activities we do, it will take some time to get backlinks.

One easier way to get backlinks faster is through blog commenting.

But, there are also some cases where your comments are getting mode…

Don't Do Any Thing. Just Find The Gems

What i said in the title is true.

I am not simple boasting to get your attention. It's true.

I will explain it.

Recently i handled a SEO project.

Their main keyword is interior designing.

Competitition part is medium.

I took up the project and started the initial stage.

Went to the auditing part as usual.

suddenly i came across some keywords ranking in google for them.

They didn't done any kind of previous seo activities for their website.

Domain authority is also too low. Home page had no content at all.

But, google had ranked some of their keywords.

I undergone a research and found out more relevant currently ranking service keywords.

Contacted the client and asked about their keyword suggestions.

After getting the recommendations from the client, i incorporated the gem keywords which was already ranked with the recommended keywords by the client.

 Now, the keywords are ranked well in google for them. (Both my gem keywords and keywords recommended by the client)

*due to some…

Is Content Still The King In SEO? [This Case Study Explains How I Increased The DA Of A Website Using Content Strategy]

( i am describing this case study in a nutshell...)

1. "We have already content in the site..You just ranked it with your keywords"
2. "We can't afford content right now".
3. "Sorry, we don't have content writers at present in our agency"

Above mentioned are some of the answers which i faced while talking about the content requirements for seo to clients.

May be you will come across a lot of websites having no content which ranks well compared to those having much more content in their websites.

Ranking factors in google doesn't depend upon content alone. There are around 200 ranking factors.

But, content is also considered as one of the major factor in ranking.

I have a client concentrating on "web design" keyword, which is one among the most difficult 
keyword to rank in a short span of time.

It's a keyword which is of commercial intent and having almost 301,000 search volume on average.

What i have done:
Initial Phase:

I first c…

Challenges In SEO

SEO is one among the most challenging and passionate career.
As a part of digital marketing, seo is becoming tough compared to others.
One of the main advantage of seo is that we don’t need to spend money to google like ppc campaigns to get results.
Tougher phase is that seo will take some time to visible.
SEO is purely based on how smarter we optimize our website for users.
Earlier we used to optimize the website for search engine to rank high.
But now, google is showing the results based on user relevance.

Some of the most difficult challenges in seo are mentioned below:

Ranking Fluctuations:

While i am writing this, a lot of questions are still popping up in my mails, whatsapp and fb

messengers about the reason for ranking fluctuations.

Sprankly speaking newbies who stepped up in this filed will get really irritated by this scenario.

The reason for this changes will be mainly beacause of technical interventions.

ie probably because of search engine algorithm changes.

Meeting client expecta…